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Journal of ISANH

The journal of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition & Health (JISANH) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to cover a variety of new strategies and innovations as well as clinical applications derived from Antioxidants studies.
The JISANH is an official organ of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition & Health that promote yearly antioxidants applications by gathering outstanding academic, industrial and medicinal researchers during well-known international congresses.

We aim to publish articles that providing an insight on breakthrough discoveries in academic, industrial and clinical medicinal research, thereby lending a strong input to this strategic field.

The aim of the journal is also to keep all the abstracts presented during ISANH congress as archives.

The articles and abstracts of the Journal of ISANH are only available for the members of ISANH and to the participants of the conference, during one month after the


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Current Volume 2016: 10.18143/JISANH_v4i1

Volume 3, Issue 4 dedicated for Porto Polyphenols 2016: DOI: 10.18143/JISANH_v3i4

Volume 3, Issue 3 dedicated for ISANH Paris Redox 2016: DOI: 10.18143/JISANH_v3i3

Volume 3, Issue 2 dedicated for Maillard Reaction & Glycation: DOI: 10.18143/JISANH_v3i2

Volume 3, Issue 1 dedicated for Antioxidants Middle East: DOI: 10.18143/JISANH_v3i1

Volume 1 dedicated for Antioxidants 2015: DOI: 10.18143/JISANH_v1i1


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